General Department of Legal Affairs

About Us

Created the Legal Department's decision Rector No. 2131/502 and the date of 22/4/1407 AH and spin on the terms of reference of the Legal Department the following themes:
  1. Issues
  2. Complaints and grievances
  3. Administrative investigations
  4. Contracts and agreements
  5. Never opinion requests
  6. Regulations and decisions
  7. other work assigned to the Legal Department

    our commitment to the directives and aspirations of the Rector Prof. Dr. Osama bin Sadiq Tayeb, the Legal Department is seeking and will seek with all their energy and their potential for the development aspirations of His Excellency the subject of care and full attention in the implementation of concerted efforts of all employees in order to boosting our university beloved and for that will work the Legal Department to do so.

    We will continue - God willing - the performance of the cost of its work and functions to the fullest in order to contribute to the development of our university to the best of the best, bearing in mind the fear of God Almighty, and safeguarding the interests and rights of the university by providing a legal professional opinion
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