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Employee Duties

  The duties, which stipulated in articles (11.12, 13) of the civil service system, public rights and duties, as that the employee seeks to meet the functional rights, it must return the performance of its duties and functional as required, and job duties include:

1) Time commitment of working hours: The basis of Article (11) of the civil service system, time always is a container for the job is subject to its functioning and services, and therefore the more commitment by the complete led mostly to the production and objectivity in the business, and a commitment to this duty is required of other staff, including supervisors and officials and to the important role of showing a lead themselves in this area for other staff. Determined immediate supervisors to make sure that all subordinates are present at their desks for the duration of working hours with their commitment to the times of working hours and control delay, and always leave before the end date always in accordance with statements of dates of attendance and leave the daily ongoing basis, as well as the accuracy of recording these data.

2) Move away from what is bad for the honor and dignity: Decent moral character and good behavior inside the function or outside it is required of the citizen in general and in particular to the employee as a result a public service on behalf of the state.

3) Dealing with the good function of their relationship: This includes the heads of the employee and his subordinates that he held the oversight function and his colleagues at work and in collaboration with them and respect also includes the reviewers, and so to demonstrate good reception and help them.

4) Loyalty to the state and the nation: As the function of a means of the state to provide services to its citizens and that the State and citizens working together to serve the nation and to its development and progress, so the loyalty of the employee of his state and his government and the loyalty, dedication and strict implementation of the instructions and decisions is something president and assistant to the progress the nation and raised.

5) Lack of power and the preservation of secrets: The function a public service and not honoring the mandate, seeking to serve the citizen and the progress the country, and use for private purposes, or disclose the secrets of the functions of importance or sensitivity of a particular cause for violating these principles.

6) Failure to exercise business or professions: The employee must maintain time and his job and not a conflict conflicting interests, and the opportunity for other citizens to get jobs in the civil sector. However, it allowed the state to the employee or vocational or technical assistant to do their work outside office hours, as allowed for users and designated on the item of wages under the leadership of taxis.

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