Our Goals

As for our plans to develop management tools and update all administrative capabilities and raising excellence in the field of electronic trading, and work hard to be a university without the university paper.

The Legal Department seeks a future to the electronic archiving of transactions under the "university project towards the mechanization of the administrative work," and we are in the near future to participate in the Web sites and publish rules and regulations, circulars and decisions issued in the Kingdom, and the legal department and since the activation of its role in 1411 e was keen to establish a legal library mini contains the most important books and publications related to the area of our work, although it is within our plans in the near future is to update the library, equipped with the latest versions and references specialized legal, as well as the archiving of the Organization of the rules and regulations and circulars that link to the Legal Department through circulars. issued or to be sent from senior management, or that we get from the Official Gazette "newspaper or villages."

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