General Department of Legal Affairs

Complaints and Grievances

  1) Prepare all the complaints lodged against others from the university at the request of the Rector of the University and that if there is an attack on a university funds or personnel during the performance of their work or their property, or notables.

2) Follow up on complaints made ​​by third parties against the university being responsible for the mistakes of their followers, whether in police or administrative authorities of other, as well as complaints referred from the top, the university filed against the faculty members and other categories of employees and students and the preparation of opinion-formal, including take in the matter and provide the oversight and investigation with the necessary data needed to investigate in the case of carrying out the investigation with one of its employees.

3) Examine the complaints made by employees of the university and their matters relating to the functional Kaltrkiet or bonuses or sanctions on them and the formal opinion.

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Last Update 1/28/2012 9:22:29 AM