The Legal Department in turn issues after the issuance of the mandate of the Rector of the Legal Department for their role in this branch of activity and this role is as follows: -

1 - Study petitions, court cases against the university and the preparation of memoranda of order included response and supporting documents have before the judicial authorities of different, whether the Board of Grievances or eliminate the legal or judicial commissions office, workers and follow-up to attend all sessions which handle the case until the verdict therein.

2 - Preparation of petitions in the proceedings of the University to others and supporting documents to their applications and provide the necessary defense of the notes and follow-up of these cases, even where the verdict in favor of the university.

3 - in the case of a verdict against the university in a suit of or by, the legal department is working on the study of this provision to determine shortfalls and to challenge it through the regular appointments to the Audit Department.

4 - a study of judicial decisions issued by the judicial authorities and to draw the various legal principles contained in those provisions, compiled and used to make representation to take bond with the management of legal issues in the future.

5 - take action to enforce judgments for the benefit of the university in the face of others.


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